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Swan Brewery Crawley



Nestled in a sea of trees, Crawley-Nedlands’ foundations are built on community strength. Its friendly, neighbourhood vibe comes from the people who call it home – both residents, and students of the historic University of Western Australia. With a unique sense tranquillity and safety, it is also one of Perth’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.

What we’ve heard:

Neighbourhood priorities

  • Enhancing the neighbourhood’s character through streetscape improvements, greening and stronger connections to UWA, Kings Park, Swan River, parks and open spaces.
  • Managing the interface and relationship between existing and future development, wi th a focus on character, amenity, transport and access.
  • Improving cycle paths, parking and cross-overs.
  • Exploring future community facility and infrastructure needs.
  • Continue to work with neighbourhood groups, residents and stakeholders to support activation, events and business vitality.

Neighbourhood Commitments 2021/22

UWA-QEII Precinct Plan

Development of this Precinct Plan is being led by the City, with involvement from the City of Nedlands, State Government, community and stakeholders.

The aim is to deliver a holistic plan that guides sustainable growth while reflecting the area’s character and qualities. It will improve overall liveability and identify opportunities to support the economic impact and potential of the QEII Medical Precinct and UWA for both the local neighbourhood and the State.

Precinct Planning has started and a Citizen’s Advisory Panel has been appointed; community visioning workshops are underway.  

Road renewals, car parks and cross overs

A program of works to improve roads, car parks and crossovers will focus on:

  • Broadway (Esplanade Intersection)
  • Broadway (Cooper St to Edward St)
  • Capron Street

Electrical lighting renewal is programmed for Park Avenue.

The Kids’ Bridge

This vibrant, 217-metre long pedestrian bridge, connecting Perth Children’s Hospital to Kings Park, is scheduled to open in late 2021. It will provide a safe, vibrant journey for children and families to connect with nature and enjoy Kings Park’s beauty and serenity. 

Neighbourhood greening

More than 100 street trees are scheduled for planting along Winthrop Avenue, Mounts Bay Road and Hampden Road to improve streetscapes and the pedestrian experience.

Making Crawley-Nedlands lighter and brighter

The design and procurement phase of a program to replace light fittings and poles for Park, Crawley, Wingfield and Kings Park Avenues will commence.

JH Abrahams play space design

This popular picnicking spot on the Swan River is also known as Pelican Point. It is a popular oœ-lead dog exercise area and a focal point for recreation activities.

A design process to improve the existing children’s playground will consider nature play and custom design elements to reflect the unique local setting.