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Projections at City Of Lights

Grants and sponsorship

The City of Perth is committed to enhancing the impact of our extensive sponsorships and grants program.

We are undertaking a short-term review on how best to improve the sponsorship and grant processes to ensure long-term outcomes for our community and a seamless experience for applicants.

Why are you reviewing the grants and sponsorship program?

We are committed to supporting the community and partners through our extensive $5 million* grants and sponsorship program. (*subject to Council adoption of the 2021/2022 budget).

We want to ensure this commitment is creating opportunities that deliver the best possible outcomes for the community in line with the City’s revised Council Policy 4.3 – Grants and Sponsorship

We are already supporting many businesses, events, community groups and arts programs, and this is an opportunity to provide a better service, informed by those who use it.

Why are you pausing programs?

We want to improve our processes so the impact of our $5 million* grants and sponsorship program is greater and can respond to the needs of community more effectively.

In order to do so, we need to take a moment to map out our programs against our revised Council Policy 4.3 – Grants and Sponsorship and the City’s strategic pillars, Liveable, Prosperous, Sustainable, to ensure they are meeting the diverse needs of our community. We also need to implement a streamlined process from application to assessment and acquittal to make the program easier and more accessible for all.

Grants and sponsorship will be paused while we take the opportunity to make improvements.

Are any programs continuing through the review?

We are in the process of investing a significant amount of grants and sponsorship, with a commitment to continue with the programs currently in progress:

When will I be able to apply again?

Over the coming months we will be able to share more about this journey and give you more information about the sponsorship and grant programs that will be offered and the opportunities to partner with us moving forward.
Until then, we are committed to building an exciting yet accessible grants and sponsorship program. 

How to apply for the Business Improvement Grant

Applications for grants and sponsorships must be submitted through the City’s approved online management portal, SmartyGrants

How do I keep up-to-date on the programs? 

Register to keep informed about the review, opportunities for feedback and opening dates of new programs.

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