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Policy and Legislation Committee

The Terms of Reference for the Policy and Legislation Committee are as follows:

Established: 4 November 2020


  • Sandy Anghie 
  • Brent Fleeton 
  • Rebecca Gordon 

Deputy Members

  • Liam Gobbert
  • Catherine Lezer



In-line with the Local Government Act 1995, the purpose of the Policy and Legislation Committee (the Committee) is to: 

  1. Support Council by strengthening four priority pillars of the City’s operating framework, namely: Corporate Services Alliance, Community Development Alliance, Planning and Economic Development Alliance and Infrastructure and Operations Alliance.
  2. Support Council in fulfilling its responsibility under section 2.7(2)(b) of the Local Government Act 1995 in determining the policies of the local government. 
  3. Assist Council in carrying out its legislative functions in the making, amending, revoking and reviewing of local laws under part 3, division 2 of the Local Government Act 1995. 

Roles and Functions

The role of the Committee is to provide guidance and assistance to Council in fulfilling its legislative responsibilities in relation to the following key areas: 

  1. Recommend to Council a workplan for policy and local law review and development. 
  2. Reviewing and developing policies and local laws in-line with the endorsed workplan and making recommendations to Council on the result of those reviews at the next available Ordinary Council Meeting. 


  1. This Committee has no delegated authority and no authority to implement its recommendations without resolution of Council. 
  2. The Committee is a formally appointed committee of Council and is responsible to that body. The Committee does not have executive powers or authority to implement actions in areas over which the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has legislative responsibility. 


  1. The Committee shall be comprised of all elected members.
  2. The CEO, or their nominee, is to be available to attend meetings to provide advice to the Committee.
  3. Appointments to the Committee will be until 1 September 2021. 


The quorum for a committee meeting is set by section 5.19 of the Local Government Act 1995.



  1. The Committee must elect a presiding member and deputy presiding member in accordance with section 5.12 and schedule 2.3 of the Local Government Act 1995. 
  2. A schedule of meetings will be developed and agreed to by the Committee. 
  3. The Committee shall report to Council by way of its minutes and any recommendations it may make.